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Car company Eric de Kort supplies used, new and reconditioned parts of the brand Mitsubishi. We do not carry other brands.


With more than 40 years of Mitsubishi experience we know what is good for your Mitsubishi. And also what is not good for your Mitsubishi. You'll reap the benefits of that.


Come by, let us know by e-mail or telephone which part you are looking for and we will help you further. This ensures that you always receive the right part and do not have to incur unnecessarily high costs and can not windshield because you have ordered the wrong part in a web shop. Not to mention the difficulty of returning the wrong part.

All our parts are supplied with warranty. The parts in stock are extensively tested and checked before we deliver them.  This ensures that we deliver the best quality so that you can enjoy your Mitsubishi for years to come.

An original Mitsubishi part is always the best choice, even with used parts. We therefore advise our customers to always choose original "Genuine Parts" supplied by Mitsubishi. From experience we know that the quality of cheaper imitation parts often leaves much to be desired. To keep everyone happy we can of course supply imitation parts but we prefer not to.

Founder Eric de Kort came into contact with the Mitsubishi brand as a child. Even then the spark passed. Love for the brand went so far that he started Mitsubishi Parts decades back. From day one they knew how to find him. 


His company has grown enormously in recent years, now 2200m2 warehouse area is filled with more than 50,000 controlled Mitsubishi parts.


Eric de Kort BV is a professional Mitsubishi parts company and has all the equipment in house to overhaul and/or test parts.


What is the goal of Eric and his team? They want to be better! It is not for nothing that Mitsubishi Parts has existed for so long. By delivering quality, thinking along with you and giving you honest advice.

So, do you need Mitsubishi parts? Look no further. Choose superior quality and service. Whatever Mitsubishi part you are looking for, we have it in house. Our team is ready for you! And so does the coffee...

See you soon!

Eric de Kort

Mitsubishi - Eric de Kort BV
Lampe au xénon Mitsubishi
Eric de Kort, Spécialiste PHEV Mitsubishi Outlander
Eric de Kort, Spécialiste PHEV Mitsubishi Outlander

Are you looking for a spare part for your Mitsubishi? Do not hesitate to contact us!

E-mail to:, call us on +31 (0) 416 28 01 79, visit our company Eric de Kort (EDK) in Kaatsheuvel (1 km from the Efteling) Netherlands, or contact us via the contact form.
We will reply as soon as possible.

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